Watering Tips to Avoid Summer Drought & Fungus in Grass

May 16, 2024

When you purchased your home, you probably didn’t bargain for the struggle that comes from a chore that seems simple — watering the lawn. That’s because…

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Why Spring Reseeding is Overrated and Costly

April 18, 2024

Springtime is a double-edged sword for our company. On one hand, we love seeing homeowners excited about getting their lawns in shape as warm weather glides…

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Proper Crabgrass Management: Is Timing Everything?

March 25, 2024

Science tells us timing is everything if you’re going to win the battle against crabgrass. But this tenacious weed has other survival skills to plan for,…

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healthy lawn as a result of a great lawn care program

Your Lawn Care Program: How to Find the Right One

April 21, 2023

Lawn Care Programs are not all the same. But how do you tell the difference? Driving through local Connecticut neighborhoods, we see the evidence. Maintaining a…

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norwich foundation plants and back patio

How Foundation Plants Increase the Value of Your CT Home

April 10, 2023

Use foundation plants to increase the value of your Connecticut home. For most people, a home is the biggest financial investment you’ll make. That’s why enhancing…

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synthetic fertilizer in spreader

Synthetic vs Organic Fertilizers for Stonington, CT, lawns

April 22, 2022

Synthetic Fertilizer is showing up this spring in Stonington, CT. As I drive along Montauk Avenue, I notice the turf coming back to life, showing signs…

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hostas around a foundation in ct

Foundation Plants that Thrive in Old Saybrook, CT

April 20, 2022

Foundation Plants for Spring in Old Saybrook, CT. Budding foundation plants are just one sign that spring is clearly on its way in Old Saybrook. As…

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Compost Soil

Spring Lawn Care Cleaning for Clinton, CT

April 15, 2022

Core Aeration in Clinton, CT. Spring is clearly on its way in Clinton. As I drive along Old Nod Road, I notice the turf coming back…

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Spring Foam Flower

Spring Perennials Native to Ledyard, CT

April 12, 2022

Spring in Ledyard, CT. Spring is clearly on its way in Ledyard. As I drive along Spicer Hill Road, I notice the turf coming back to…

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Lawn care process

Spring Lawn Care Options for Groton, CT

April 8, 2022

Spring Lawn Care for Groton, Connecticut Spring has arrived Groton. As I drive along Poquonnock Road, I see the turf coming back to life, showing signs…

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