Lawn Seeding

Lawn Seeding Timeline

  • First 30 days – Grass will start to germinate
  • 30-60 days – Grass will begin to grow
  • 60-90 days – The grass is setting in roots
  • 90-180 days – The grass is starting to spread
  • 180-360 days – The grass is maturing and filling in

Lawn Watering FAQs

15 minutes every day in each seeded section of lawn.

Every single day.

With a sprinkler, not by hand. An inexpensive ($10) watering timer will make this much more manageable.

Remember – 99% of all new lawn failures are due to a lack of water.

Grass Seeding Tips

  • Thatch that is left on top of the newly seed areas will help keep the seed moist. You may mow this off 10 days after seeding.
  • Give it time – depending on weather conditions, you will probably start seeing seedlings within 3 weeks. This, of course depends on following the watering instructions.
  • There will be bare spots – as long as we continue to fertilize the lawn, the seedlings will become stronger and healthier and the lawn will fill in.
  • When we first seed, you may see ruts or ridges – this is normal – when you water and the grass grows in, they will disappear and level out.