Steve Bousquet and Aaron Brassard celebrate 4th of July

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Are you ready to join a team of lawn care and landscape professionals bringing quality service to lawns across Connecticut?

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Grow professionally and personally in relationships that are mutually fulfilling.

SINCE 1984

American Landscape & Lawn Science Teamwork

Careers - Moving Forward

Moving Forward

We provide motivation and encouragement to continue forward regardless of the challenges. That way we can learn and grow professionally and personally in relationships that are mutually fulfilling.

Careers - Safe Supported

Safe & Supported

Culture is very important to Steve Bousquet and his team at American Landscape and Lawn Science. Our Safe and Supported program was developed in 2018. The foundation of the program is our Immutable Laws and team 1:1 meetings.

Careers - 1000 day

1,000 Day Development

Our 1,000-day development program consists of The People Map assessment, Clifton Strengths assessment, Leadership Training, Coach Approach Training, Mastery Coach training and Finding Your Why. We make working here all about your growth.





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Founder, Steve Bousquet


American Landscape & Lawn Science was founded in Norwich, CT in 1984, out Steve Bousquet's love for lawns and the joy they bring to people of all ages. From T-ball fields and high school soccer fields to your home lawn, people count on and depend on a certain level of quality. That's what we deliver here at American Landscape & Lawn Science.


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Meet the Team

Chris Bishop Lawn care manager

Chris Bishop

Chris is the Lawn Science manager and Chief Operating Officer of the entire company. Chris started working at American Landscape and Lawn Science in high school in the 1990s and has performed every function at the company both inside the office and in the field production. Chris moved his way up through the company from a summer helper to a lawn tech to his current position. Chris is a graduate of the Small Giants emerging leaders’ program, Chris has completed Proof Management Sales Academy and management programs. Chris and his wife live in Norwich raising three awesome daughters and a menagerie of pets.

Aaron is the Landscape Manager and leads the landscape department in sales, landscape design, and production. Aaron started working at American Landscape and Lawn Science in high school in the 1990s and has performed every possible in the landscape department. Aaron is a CNLA Certified Nurseryman, and a graduate of ECSU. Aaron has completed Proof Management sales academy and management programs. Aaron and his wife live in Canterbury with their four active children.

Aaron Brassard headshot

Aaron Brassard
Landscape Manager

Maegan Raymond

Maegan Raymond
Office Manager

Maegan is the Office Manager of American Landscape and Lawn Science. Maegan grew up in the quiet corner of Connecticut and received her Associates Degree in Accounting in 2006. She continued her employment as a Bookkeeper at a Non-Profit Organization until 2013 when she decided that a career change was in order after 14 years. Beginning in 2013, Maegan has helped her teammates grow the company from 800 to over 3000 customers, as well as tripling the number of employees. Her duties include overseeing 3 office staff, financial reporting, and general HR support for the entire company. In addition to American Landscape and Lawn Science, Maegan is a certified Reiki practitioner and is a Certified Yoga teacher.


Better Careers = Better Service

Here’s What We Promise You

We Will Be Respectful.

We value respect for our clients, vendors, team members, equipment, and uniforms. That means you can count on our respect for you.

We Will Be Polite.

We value politeness for our clients, vendors, and team members. That means you can expect on politeness to you.

We Will Be Honest.

We believe everyone deserves honesty. We know sharing honest bad news is better than hiding the truth. We promise to be honest with you, so we can make progress together.

We Will Be On Time.

We believe part of being polite and respectful is being on time. We know you and our clients are counting on us, so we promise to be on time.

We Will Own Our Actions.

We believe in accountability for mistakes because failing is part of learning and progressing. You can trust we are working in the most honest and sincere manner and will take responsibility when we make mistakes.

We Will Do Our Jobs.

Follow through is a huge part of our success. You can depend on us to do what we say for our clients and for you.

We Will Give and Take.

We understand flexibility is a two-way street. As a family business, we understand people need flexibility and we need our team members to show up strong when they are needed at work. 

We Will Do What We Say We'll Do.

We believe our employees, customers, vendors, and our families are counting on us to be a person they can trust and count on. So, we’ll do what we say we’ll do when we say we’ll do it.