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Lawn Care Trends for 2017

The top 3 lawn care trends for 2017

  1. Organic lawn fertilizer- Home owners and professional lawn care Companies continue to use more organic lawn fertilizers and less synthetic lawn fertilizer. Organic lawn fertilizer reduces the chance of fertilizer runoff, with organic fertilizer more fertilizer stays on the lawn where it is needed.
  2. Less watering- The trend continues toward less water hungry grass types. Grass seed companies continue to introduce more drought resistant grass seed into the lawn care market. Choosing the newer more drought tough grasses can reduce watering by as much as 50%. This water reduction saves money, time and valuable resources.
  3. Fewer pesticides- Pesticides are certainly the case when less is better. Applying the correct product at the correct time allows the lowest amount of pesticides to be applied with the highest effectiveness and the lowest impact on the environment. Always read the labels and calibrate your application equipment to insure the most effective use of any pesticide.
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