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Avoid a Common Lawn Care Mistake

In the spring time your lawn may seem more lumpy and bumpy than normal.
What should you do? Rolling your lawn, Rolling the lawn in the spring with a heavy roller crushes the crown of the grass plant and compacts the top level of the soil making it even more difficult for the lawn the thrive. The results are more damaging than helpful. So, NEVER roll your lawn with a heavy roller to knock down the bumps. The best approach to improve a bumpy lawn: A bumpy lawn may indicate a low PH in the soil. When the soil has a low PH, the soil is considered acidic. Acidic soils make it difficult for Bluegrass to thrive and grow to fill in the bare spots.

You should have the lawn soil tested and have the appropriate amount of lime applied. You should then plan on seeding any bare spots in the late summer or early fall with a good quality bluegrass blended grass seed. To seed the bare spots simply put an inch or two of soil in the low spot, sprinkle in the grass seed then gently rakes the seed into the soil. Cover the seeded area with seed mulch and water daily for 30 days. Apply a good organic based lawn fertilizer to the newly seeded areas whenseeding and follow up with organic fertilizer every 45 to 60 days during the growing season. This should reduce the bumpiness in your lawn andmaking mowing the lawn easier and more enjoyable.

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