Lawn Diseases

Understanding Grubs: Lifecycle, Treatment, and Timing

Despite their small size, grubs are one of the most destructive forces facing your lawn. They can turn large sections of a beautiful lawn into lifeless, brown turf. Grubs have several factors working in their favor, not the least of which is how they go unseen until most of the damage is done.  These tenacious…

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Watering Tips to Avoid Summer Drought & Fungus in Grass

When you purchased your home, you probably didn’t bargain for the struggle that comes from a chore that seems simple — watering the lawn. That’s because finding the proper balance between overwatering and underwatering isn’t easy. So many variables come into play, and you didn’t sign up to tend the lawn seven days a week,…

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red thread

Red Thread (fungal lawn disease)

What is Red Thread? Red Thread is a fungal organism that causes patches of turf to turn brown and produce strands of red threadlike material. Red thread can be unsightly.  In most cases, the grass will recover just fine when the temperature cools in the fall. Why do you have Red Thread? It is normal…

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