Professional Lawn Care in Uncasville

If you are looking for a top end lawn care program in Uncasville look no further! At Lawn Science, we realize that achieving a beautiful lawn requires a multi-pronged attack. Organic fertilization builds your lawn from the roots up while preventative treatments fight weeds as well as grubs and other pests.

Start Out Strong

A hearty and healthy lawn is resilient when faced with challenging weather, pests, and weeds. We strengthen Uncasville lawns with multiple organic lawn food applications. We also apply additional compost-based treatments that green up your lawn while improving nutrient retention. While synthetic chemicals offer a ‘quick fix,’ natural nutrients from organic treatments set your lawn up for long-term success and stability.

Aeration is extremely beneficial for turfgrass because it infuses your lawn with oxygen and stimulates root growth. The result is green and healthy grass that uses water efficiently. Our unique liquid aeration formula is safe and natural and has been shown to work three times better than traditional core aeration. Along with organic fertilizer treatments, liquid aeration will have your Uncasville lawn looking amazing all season long.

Take a Stand Against Weeds and Pests

A vital lawn is incredibly inviting to a variety of pests, especially grubs. If they are not stopped in time, grubs can destroy your lawn’s entire root structure, killing huge sections of turf. Lawn Science treats Uncasville lawns with a preventative grub treatment that stops grubs before they become a visible problem. We also treat for other pests such as chinch bugs and deer ticks.

When your turf struggles in the summer, weeds tend to thrive. Crabgrass is especially hearty in hot and dry weather and can cause an unsightly presence in your lawn. As with grubs, we aim to get out ahead of crabgrass with two separate applications. We also treat for broadleaf weeds that try to infiltrate your lawn.