Lawn Care in Norwich

Keeping Norwich lawns beautiful and healthy requires a varied approach. The key to gorgeous turf is eliminating weeds and pests while strengthening turf at the same time.

Norwich Weed & Pest Control

The only grass you want in your yard is the grass you planted. Our Norwich lawn care program includes two waves of crabgrass control to make sure that this invasive weed does not take over.

In the spring and summer, we also apply broadleaf weed control to Norwich lawns to prevent unsightly broadleaf weeds from popping up.

Weeds are not the only potential intruders your lawn will need to deal with. Insects such as grubs love to feed on healthy Norwich lawns. A key part of our program is a preventative grub control treatment that stops these hungry bugs before they become problematic. We also apply a separate treatment for chinch bugs and deer ticks in the spring so that your lawn can enjoy a pest-free summer.

Built to Last

A lawn treatment that consists of a heavy dosage of nitrogen is an easy way to green up your grass in a hurry. At Lawn Science, we are committed to building Norwich lawns for the long haul. A big part of this includes using environmentally friendly organic fertilizers that offer a variety of nutrients. Our compost-based treatments fortify your lawn against disease and green it up without using man-made chemicals.

Finally, our liquid aeration treatment gives Norwich lawns deep roots and improves their water usage. Doing this twice a year results in a rich, healthy lawn that can withstand any challenges that might come its way.