Mystic Lawn Care and Grub Control

At Lawn Science, we understand that when it comes to lawn care, sometimes the best defense is a good offense. A huge part of guarding against pest damage and lawn disease is making sure that your lawn is healthy to begin with.

Smart Food

The benefits of organic fertilizer go beyond environmental friendliness. Feeding your lawn with organic materials does not always yield instant results, but going organic is the best option for the long- term health of your lawn.

We offer Mystic lawns multiple types of organic treatments which build the turf itself as well as fortifying the soil where it resides. Additional applications include ‘compost tea’, as well as a natural greening solution. The result is a lawn that looks fantastic and is resistant to pest and drought damage.

Pest and Grub Control

No matter how well we strengthen Mystic lawns, they will still no doubt be subject to invasion by grubs and other pests. In fact, the healthier and juicier the turf roots, the more attractive they are to grubs. We combat these unwelcome guests with a preventative application that stops grubs before they have a chance to do much damage. We also conduct a separate treatment that addresses insects such as chinch bugs and deer ticks.

Finally, we ‘air out’ your lawn with an organic liquid aeration that is three times as effective as traditional core aeration! Aeration helps bolster root structure and helps your lawn more effectively manage water.

With Lawn Science’s All American lawn care program, your Mystic lawn will be well-equipped to face the stresses of summer weather as well as pests.