Professional Organic Lawn Care in Lebanon

For years, we have prided ourselves on providing Lebanon homeowners vital and healthy lawns. Our goal is to build your lawn up naturally, while attacking weeds and pests. The result is hearty, gorgeous turf that you can enjoy all season long.

Fight the Bad Guys

Weeds are not just unsightly, they also rob your grass of valuable nutrients. Crabgrass can be especially  challenging because it thrives in hot, dry conditions that turfgrass finds hostile. Before you know it, crabgrass can take over whole sections of your yard. We treat Lebanon turf for crabgrass twice a year in order to prevent it from gaining the upper hand. In addition to this, our All American Lawn Care program also includes applications for unattractive broadleaf weeds.

Insects, especially grubs, can destroy your lawn by feeding on the roots of healthy turfgrass. We treat Lebanon lawns for grubs as well as nuisances such as chinch bugs and deer ticks. By limiting your lawn’s enemies, turf will be able to thrive unimpeded.

Natural Building Blocks

Our organic lawn care program creates gorgeous lawns that are environmentally friendly. Beyond the ecological benefits, natural lawn care helps build hearty and healthy turf for the long run. Natural compost-based treatments help Lebanon lawns by feeding the grass as well as the soil. These safe organic applications are administered multiple times throughout the season. Organic liquid aeration stimulates deep root growth and is more effective than traditional core aeration. With our All American Lawn Care Program, your Lebanon lawn will receive comprehensive organic care that will have it looking great both this year and for years to come.