Colchester Lawn Care Services

Building and maintaining gorgeous lawns throughout Colchester requires a comprehensive approach to lawn care. At Lawn Science, we give your lawn the tools to thrive while we minimize the presence of unwanted pests and weeds.

Natural Solutions

Our arsenal of organic treatments gives Colchester turf the nutrients it needs the natural way. Our compost-based fertilizer applications feed the grass while also enriching the soil. A separate treatment of ‘compost tea’ helps your lawn retain nutrients while encouraging grass clippings to decompose into valuable food.

A popular lawn care practice is to deliver high-nitrogen treatments that quickly green up turf. While immediate, these effects are sometimes short-lived. As an alternative, we treat Colchester properties with an all natural ‘Super Green’ iron treatment that organically gives your lawn a rich, dark green color.

Aeration is one of the best things you can do for your lawn. Our unique liquid aeration treatment is all natural and has been shown to be up to three times more effective than traditional core aeration treatments. Applied twice a year, your Colchester lawn will enjoy more expansive roots and healthier water usage.

Weed, Pest and Grub Control

No matter how well your lawn is strengthened by a quality lawn care program, it will always be attractive to both weeds and insect pests. Weeds are no fun to look at and can also rob Colchester lawns of important water and nutrients. Our weed control treatments fight both broadleaf weeds as well as hearty crabgrass.

Few pests ravage Colchester turf like grubs. The robust grass roots we work hard to establish are a juicy feast for grubs. Lawn Science’s grub control program stops grubs before they become a noticeable problem.