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Guilford Lawn Care

It’s finally springtime here in Guilford, CT and everyone is glad. From the breezy shoreline roads up to the peaceful lanes of North Guilford, the signs of spring are everywhere.  As I was driving along these beautiful country roads, I took in the green and pink buds on the trees, the hazy colors bursting with the promise of the coming season, soon to bloom into luscious leaves that shelter us from the rain and sun later in the season.  Everywhere in town I see the lawns coming out of their winter slumber.  From Clapboard Hill Road and along Vineyard Point Road, things are greening up. I can see the turf coming back to life in the charming country yards along Little Meadow Road and Long Hill Road.  On White Birch Drive and Schoolside Lane I am noticing a fresh, new look on the lawns, bright green sprouts aiming toward the sun, which grows stronger each day. I stopped for a minute on Tanner Marsh Road, and took in the sweet song of the Red-Winged Blackbird and the sight of the spring grass, looking better each day. On the idyllic Guilford Town Green, I also see the turf at St George’s Catholic Church and various small businesses coming back for a new season of family-friendly fun and community. So many families are looking forward to the special time of year when we can welcome travelers and friends back to this special and historic town you all call home.


How did your lawn make it through the snowy winter months? Have you noticed a few bare spots where the grass is not growing?  Bare spots and thin areas in your lawn can be caused by a number of conditions from too much shade, grub damage, or a fungus from last year’s hot and humid summer. If you’re not exactly sure why the lawn is thin or bare, it may be time to call in an expert. The professionals at lawn Science have been helping homeowners with their lawns for over 36 years. Lawn Science is a family-owned and locally-operated lawn care company. Lawn Science offers a complete and comprehensive 5 step lawn care program featuring organic-based lawn fertilizers that feed the grass plant and build the soil on each application. Lawn Science only offers a full season-long lawn care program so your lawn is cared for and protected all season long. Lawn Science uses the most modern and people and pet-safe products to control crabgrass, weeds, grubs, chinch bugs, and deer ticks. Lawn Science works directly with the UConn soil lab providing soil testing services that give the exact data needed to improve the nutrient quality of the soil providing the proper Ph and calcium and magnesium ratios. By implementing the soiling test and liming program Lawn Science ensure your lawn will receive the correct amount of lime as well as the correct type of lime your lawn needs. Lawn Science has a custom grass seed blend design specific to Connecticut. Whether you need a new lawn or your current lawn needs to be improved by overseeding Lawn Science provides both the installation service and the follow-up lawn care programs for lawns. Why is soil science important for your lawn? The top three reasons are one cost, we want to make sure the money spent is on the correct needs and specific amounts of products are applied to provide the ultimate value for each dollar invested. Second is the environment, we use science to provide the maxim results with the least negative effect on the environment and the people enjoying the lawn and landscape spaces they play and live in. The third is Impact and stewardship, the healthier the soil we created the longer and more positive the impact for today, and many years from now. By soil testing and not just guessing we have the knowledge to create a soil that is always improving. The soil supports the lawn and the lawn supports life by filtering pollutants out of the rainwater, by cooling our home and landscape. The average lawn provides as much cooling 4 air conditioners. If you have ever stood on asphalt pavement you know the heat that black pavement produces and the runoff from that pavement goes right into the storm drains than in the local streams and rivers. The more an environment has healthy grass the cleaner and purer the water and air and this starts with healthy soil.


Guilford is a beautiful town in New Haven County, Connecticut. Guilford borders the towns of Madison, Branford, North Branford, and Durham, and is situated on I-95 and the beautiful Connecticut seacoast. The population of Guilford is between 22,000 to 26,000 people. The population of Guilford increases during the peak summertime months as people choose to spend time in Guilford enjoying the restaurants, the Guilford town Green, the boating, fishing, and summer cottages. 


Lawn Science was founded in 1991 as a division of American Landscape. The purpose of the Lawn Science division is to offer lawn care approaches based on science and organic fertilizers. The first organic products Lawn Science used were developed at the Yale School of forestry in New Haven. The Product was called “Roots” and was derived from Seaweed and Humic acids, there was a companion product that was derived from the Yucca plant, this Yucca extract acted as a surfactant and penetrant helping the liquid Roots product to penetrate into the soil and affect the roots of the grass. Lawn Science had a lot of successes with the Roots product line turning lawns greener, healthier, and thicker. Lawn Science now uses a similar product that contains additional nutrients and a biological element of beneficial microbes. These beneficial microbes eat dead and decaying plant matter control the turfs thatch level and converting the plant material into organic matter. The organic matter developed by the microbial activity is carbon-rich and helps build health and improve the structure of the soil naturally. 


Before the start of Lawn Science, American Landscape had use Scott’s Turf builder fertilizer and Scott’s weed and feed products. The lawn initially responds really well to Scott’s Turf builder lawn fertilizer but after 3 years of using Scott’s Turf builder fertilizer the lawns started developing a thick thatch layer and the lawn need to be detached and core aerated once or twice per season. The high nitrogen rate in Scott’s Turf builder fertilizer created rapid top growth in the lawn resulting in thatch build-up which reduced the effectiveness of watering and fertilizer would get caught up in the thatch layer and never make it into the root zone of the grass. After trying to correct this declining lawn condition with core aeration and detaching and not seeing much improvement, I started searching for an alternative method that would be more effective. I found using organic products that contained living biology known as microbes along with a food source like molasses to stimulate the biology to work the best. The microbes eat the dead and decaying plant matter like thatch and turn that into carbon-rich organic matter. I found the addition of liquid seaweed to also improve the soil and the lawn. Seaweed contains over 50 micronutrients, natural growth hormones, L amino proteins, and potassium. I did notice the health and vigor of the lawns improved with the addition of liquid seaweed. 


Homeowners in Guilford looking for a local lawn care company to provide grass fertilization to have green grass without using Scott’s fertilizer or the large national company called TruGreen now have an option for lawn care service in Guilford with Lawn Science. TruGreen provides lawn fertilizer and weed control as well as grub control and TruGreen is a national company with many branches and TruGreen locations throughout the country. Some homeowners would rather have an affordable lawn care program provided by a local lawn care professional.


How much does lawn care cost? The cost and price for the best lawn care service are usually slightly more than a limited-service lawn care program. The best thing to do is contact a few providers and get a lawn care quote. TruGreen will provide a free quote without even going to look at the lawn. TruGreen will measure the lawn online and email the lawn care quote to the homeowner. The challenge with giving quotes and price for lawn care without actually looking at the lawn and property is TruGreen will not see the condition or issues that the lawn may be facing. TruGreen will be using the very same program and approach for each lawn regardless of the condition of the lawn. The TruGreen is the fastest and easiest way to get a lawn care quote but may not produce the best result for your lawn in the long run.


Lawn Science visits each lawn and then provides a lawn care quote with recommended lawn care programs based on the condition of the lawn, issues the lawn is facing, and the goals of the homeowner. Lawn science actually walks the lawns and looks for challenges the lawn faces, from shade damage, dog damage, bare spots weeds, to other needs like seeding the lawn at the proper time of the year. If the lawn does not look good lawn Science inspects the lawn for drought damage, grub damage, or insect damage. There are many lawn conditions to consider before lawn applications can start.


For over 30 years Lawn Science has been helping homeowners have a green beautiful healthy lawn using our 5 steps organic-based lawn care program. Lawn Science lawn care program is more advanced than traditional do-it-yourself lawn care programs. Lawn Science’s secret is in their unique organic fertilizer formulas that feed the lawn and build the soil providing the best long-term results and value for homeowners’ lawns.










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