Make Your Columbia Lawn Gorgeous

Our goal at Lawn Science is to provide Columbia and the surrounding region with happy, healthy lawns that their owners can be proud of. Our All American lawn care program attacks harmful weeds and pests while strengthening your lawn through organic fertilizer applications.

Top Notch Turf Care

The negative effects of weeds, turf disease, and pests can all be minimized if your lawn is healthy to begin with. Lawns that are fed with organic nutrients grow strong over time and are well-prepared to face adversity. At Lawn Science, we treat Columbia lawns with multiple varieties of compost-based lawn food applications to naturally feed your lawn.

In addition to proper watering and fertilization, aeration is one of the best things you can do for your lawn. Infusing the soil with oxygen spurs on root development, resulting in improved water management and greener turf. We utilize a special liquid aeration treatment that has been shown to be three times as effective as traditional core aeration.

Stop the Bad Guys

The flip side to feeding and fortifying your lawn is to make sure the bad guys – be they plant or animal – are unwelcome on your property. Crabgrass and grubs are two very nasty adversaries when it comes to maintaining a beautiful lawn. Crabgrass is especially durable and can thrive even in hostile conditions, becoming an eyesore while robbing your turf of valuable resources. We treat for crabgrass, as well as broadleaf weeds, twice a year so neither ever gain a foothold in your lawn.

When plentiful, grubs can cause intense damage by feasting on your turf’s roots. Unfortunately, much of the time grubs go unnoticed until they have already wiped out large sections of your lawn. We keep Columbia lawns grub-free with a preventative grub treatment, as well as an application that seeks to destroy other pests such as chinch bugs and deer ticks.