Watering Tips to Avoid Summer Drought & Fungus in Grass

When you purchased your home, you probably didn’t bargain for the struggle that comes from a chore that seems simple — watering the lawn. That’s because finding the proper balance between overwatering and underwatering isn’t easy. So many variables come into play, and you didn’t sign up to tend the lawn seven days a week,…

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Why Spring Reseeding is Overrated and Costly

Springtime is a double-edged sword for our company. On one hand, we love seeing homeowners excited about getting their lawns in shape as warm weather glides in. We share your excitement because we’re just as happy to start enjoying our outdoor spaces with family and friends, too.  On the other hand? There’s the knowledge that…

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Proper Crabgrass Management: Is Timing Everything?

Science tells us timing is everything if you’re going to win the battle against crabgrass. But this tenacious weed has other survival skills to plan for, as we’ll discuss. You can defeat crabgrass if you understand the growth stages. Playing catch-up won’t work because applying pre-emergent is the only way to get the upper hand.…

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Top 5 Lawn Care and Landscape Companies in Madison

Struggling to find the right company to work with in Madison, CT? Here is a list of the top 5 local lawn care services in Madison CT: Lawn Science Lawn Science for Madison lawns. Lawn Science is treating lawns on Boston Post Rd. in Madison with organic fertilizer and water based weed controls. Lawn Science…

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Lawn Science Office

Satellite Branch Madison Connecticut

Lawn Science has opened a new satellite branch in Madison Connecticut on 4 New Rd. Lawn Science provides local lawn care services to Madison, Guilford, Clinton, Westbrook and Killingworth. I recommend searching for “lawn care near me” to find Lawn Science in a Google search or “lawn care services near me” in a Google search…

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Colchester Lawn Care

Fall is the time to improve your Colchester lawn. Top three things to do for your Colchester lawn this fall. 1. Lime your lawn: most lawns in Colchester need about 20 pounds of pelletized lime per thousand square feet to maintain a healthy lawn. A Colchester lawn that is a half acre in size needs…

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